Julie Combs

Julie's wellness journey helped her to conceive her first child.

Jen is a truly excellent trainer. Not only did Jen teach me so much at the gym and the proper way to work out every part of my body, she gave me so much education on nutrition that I was lacking.

Jen is the perfect combination of tough (“Jen I can’t do this”) to supporting and kind (“Come on girl you got this you can do it”). Because of all of Jen’s knowledge, I was able to reach my goals and learn so much.

After my weight loss, I was able to conceive my first child. We had been struggling to conceive and a lot of it had to do with my weight and lack of proper nutrition.

Jen worked with me as a whole person and devoted her personal time with me to help me mentally, physically and emotionally and for that I will always be thankful to have been able to do the body transformation program with Jen! I recommend Jen without a pause 10/10!

Julie Combs