Personalized Meal Guidance to Fuel Your Fitness Journey

Personalized Meal Guidance
Nurse Nerd Fitness offers personalized meal guidance to fuel your fitness journey.

Do you struggle with meal planning or prep?  Are you short on time?  You are not alone!  Proper nutrition not only helps your workout plan be more effective but it aids in good health from the inside out.

At Nurse Nerd Fitness, I show you strategies on how to plan healthy meals for any lifestyle.   These are not diets!  They are a way of life in which you learn tools to fuel your body with nutrient dense foods.

Check out the two packages available below or contact us for a personalized nutrition package.

A Workout Plan is ONLY Effective with Proper Nutrition.

Burning Fat
Correcting Shape

Nutrition Plan Packages




This 2.5 hour session includes the following

  • + Macro introduction for your body through My Fitness Pal.
  • + Pantry or Fridge organization with your first set of containers on me.
  • + One healthy meal option for breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks.
  • + Label reading session- what to look for in a label as far as better choices and ingredients in your pantry.
  • + Measurement data on a digital scale to give you proper fueling guidelines.
  • + Grocery list to help you get your first week underway.





This 2.5 hour service will teach you how to quickly prepare clean meals that will fuel your body based on your palette.   Not all food is created equal.

  • + First, a date and time are agreed upon.
  • + Next, the menu is planned.
  • + A shopping list is provided for you to easily shop prior to the date.
  • + I then show up on agreed date and time to help you prep, cook and chop your meals.
  • + An introduction to Macro counting is available if requested.