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Strength, Stretch & Roll Drop-In


Class Descriptions

Tread, Shred & Build 45 min class is a combo of cardio work for half the class and then a circuit style strength training for the last half of class.  Modifications shown. Great for all age ranges and fitness levels. 

A$$-tastic – This lower body targeted class will shape and firm your booty and also light up your quads! In addition, you will get some cardio and ab work at the end.  

This good old fashion step class will incorporate a full body burn for both cardio and strength to music that is fun as we warp back to the 80’s & 90’s. 

This boot camp is a circuit style class incorporating both strength and cardio.  Designed to make  you sweat, you will leave feeling strong. 

This fire igniting class will heat up your cardiovascular system then increase your strength.   The class will incorporate a combination of Tabata, EMOM’s & AMRAP’s (T.E.A)

Oh My Quad is circuit style class that will surely light up your quads.   A combination of barbell, kettlebell and body weight will be utilized.  The class will end with a small cardio HIIT and core.

Strength, Stretch & Roll is a recovery class.   As we age, our warm-up and recovery become more important in our over all health and wellness.  This class will help you learn how to use dynamic stretching coupled with the foam roller to help you increase your flexibility and roll out that muscle soreness.